Demystifying Solar Energy: What You Need to Know

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Solar energy has been a growing alternative to typical energy sources over the past decades, but its process and potential benefits are still a mystery to many.

Here are answers to common questions about solar energy:

How does solar energy work?


You know those big panels you see on top of houses and alongside the highway? They're solar panels, and they are made up of photovoltaic cells, which produce a photoelectric effect when exposed to sunlight. This process occurs when sunlight knocks electrons loose from their atoms. Electrons travel through these photovoltaic cells to be converted into energy.

How is solar energy measured?


Solar energy is measured by how many watts are produced by a panel consisting of individual solar cells. Photovoltaic energy, the type of solar energy relating to electricity use, is measured in watts, with 1,000 watts equaling a kilowatt, and with 1,000 kilowatts equaling a megawatt. To give you an idea of how much energy Americans use, the average U.S. home is powered by 909 kWh (kilowatt-hours) each month.

How powerful is solar energy?


The sun produces enough energy every day to power everything on it for a year. Unlike coal or petroleum, the sun's potential energy is renewing every year, while the others finite are depleting. This makes the sun an excellent source to handle the earth's energy needs.

How popular is solar energy?


In the last decade, solar energy usage has been estimated to have grown by 30 percent each year. A report from the International Energy Agency estimates that by 2050, one-fourth of all energy produced will be from solar. And with solar users saving 50 percent of their energy bill each month, the energy source is only going to be come more popular in the future.

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