Police officers across the globe show off dance moves for 'Running Man Challenge'

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Friday, May 13, 2016
Police officers from New Zealand and New York showed off their best dance moves while participating in the viral "Running Man Challenge"
creativeContent-NZ Police Department/Facebook | NYPD/Facebook

From New York to New Zealand, police officers have been showing off their best dance moves as part of the viral sensation known as the "Running Man Challenge."

The online trend, which features people dancing to the song "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJ's, originated by students at a New Jersey High School and was later popularized by University of Maryland men's basketball players, according to Right This Minute. On Monday, the New Zealand Police Department got in on the viral fun by showing off their best dance moves and challenged other police departments in the process.

The NYPD ended up accepting the New Zealand department's challenge. On Tuesday, May 3, the department shared a video of New York officers dancing with a group of school children to "My Boo."

Now it looks like the police dance challenge is making its way to Los Angeles. On Wednesday, May 3, the LAPD indicated they might also be taking part in the "Running Man" fun.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Police Department finally released their own "Running Man" video on Friday, May 13, with officers dancing across some of the city's most notable landmarks and neighborhoods.