California dive bar requiring customers to show proof of vaccination

A California dive bar will now require customers to show proof they were vaccinated.
OAKLAND, Calif. -- A dive bar in Oakland, California, will now require customers to be vaccinated.

Eli's Mile High Club's co-owner says patrons will have to bring their CDC vaccination card.

They will also need to be at least two weeks out from their final shot.

When the instructions were posted on the bar's Instagram, some commenters were upset.

Some critics say it's threatening the bar's "punk rock" credibility.

Co-owner Billy Joe Agan Jr. says those people aren't his priority. He just wants to keep everyone safe.

"People need to feel good again," said Agan Jr., "People need to remember how to be in a bar and be comfortable without that lingering thought in the back of their head."

The bar will also keep customer's contact info for two weeks, in case they need to do contact tracing.

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