OC man arrested for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktail at neighbor's property

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- A Santa Ana man is accused of attacking his neighbor's property with a Molotov cocktail. Now, the man's other neighbors say they've had problems with the suspect for years.

Surveillance video from one of the homes on the block shows a man lighting something on fire, then throwing it into the driveway of a home across the street.

Police identified that man as Danny Noriega. The video shows him taking off on a bicycle.

"Neighbor dispute, the Hatfields and McCoys. This dates back two years and it relates to a parking issue," said Cpl. Anthony Bertagna with Santa Ana police.

The crime happened on Dec. 15 near the intersection of Warner avenue and Fairview Street. The Orange County Fire Authority determined the explosive was a Molotov cocktail. Police said Noriega is also accused of attaching explosives to rocks and throwing them at the same home. Officers said he had some of the explosives on him when he was arrested on Thursday.

"Middle-sized rocks, lighting the device, throwing them, then it explodes and becomes shrapnel," said Bertagna.

Margarita Aranda lives at the home and says her family has had problems with Noriega for more than four years. However, Noriega's father told Eyewitness News that it's his neighbors who cause the problems.

"I'm going to wait until we go to court. Those people, they've got it in for Danny," he said.

Two years ago, police said Noriega was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon on his neighbors. Fortunately, no one was injured this time.

"We're extremely lucky that this fell short of the house, because you could see the flash, there's a fire, they immediately ran outside," said Bertagna.

Noriega's bail has been set at $220,000. He was expected to make his first court appearance Friday.
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