Suspect hospitalized after reportedly exchanging gunfire with police in Alhambra neighborhood

ALHAMBRA, Calif. (KABC) -- An alleged domestic dispute reportedly ended in a hail of gunfire in Alhambra during an officer-involved shooting Saturday night.

Residents described the incident as a shootout between police and the suspect, with more than two dozen rounds reportedly fired near the intersection of Primrose and Ross avenues.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was apparently wounded in the gunfight and rushed to an area hospital. His condition was not immediately released.

Neighbors said the suspect initially fled the scene but returned around the same time that responding officers arrived. Shortly after, a barrage of gunshots erupted.

"I heard like a couple arguing like, 'I'm gonna kill you' cussing at each other and then it stopped," witness Daniel Valles said. "Ten minutes later, I just heard a whole bunch of shots and then that's when I saw the cops outside my window."

Some residents mistook the exchange of gunfire for fireworks.

"We heard what sounded more like fireworks because it was rapid, and then later on it was slow. So then it's like, OK, then it's not fireworks," neighbor Iris Aguilar said.

It is not yet clear if any officers were injured in the shooting.

An investigation is ongoing.
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