Orange County seeing more protests of stay-at-home orders

Orange County has seen several recent demonstrations protesting orders to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
Orange County is seeing an increasing number of protests against stay-at-home restrictions issued to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest demonstration was held Monday morning outside city hall in Newport Beach.

Police say about 30 people showed up and there were no incidents.

Over the weekend, there were protests in Huntington Beach and San Clemente.

Hundreds showed up and were clearly not abiding by stay-at-home or physical distancing orders.

Pressed on the issue during a media briefing, Board of Supervisors member Don Wagner said from what he has seen, the number of people violating these orders is not large enough and this is not a reason to put a stop to these protests and people exercising their First Amendment rights.

The board has selected an ad hoc committee to look at getting the county economy back up as well as address issues related to the demonstration.

Orange County has seen less public testing than some other nearby counties but officials are planning to release a plan this week on how to increase testing.
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