Abused puppy found with broken bones, muzzle taped shut inside backpack in Hancock Park

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A 10- to 12-week-old pit bull puppy named Pablo is recovering after undergoing extensive surgeries for broken bones he suffered from abuse.

Pablo was found on Dec. 11 in Hancock Park by a dog named Roxy and her family. The pup was inside a backpack with his muzzle taped shut.

The family who found him took him to Veterinary Care Center off Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. Veterinary staff discovered his ribs, jaw and shoulder were broken.

The puppy required major orthopedic surgery and Hope for Paws sponsored him, helping to cover some of his medical expenses.

"You would never even know that anything was wrong with him. He's the most loving, playful little guy. He tries to scamper about. He has the big splint on, but it doesn't stop him at all. He will lick every face of everyone that comes near him. He is expected to make a full recovery," Dr. Lisa Youn said.

Pablo the pup is now recovering from the surgeries, but a GoFundMe was set up by the care center to pay for the rest of his bills.
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