Pacoima chase ends in crash outside home; 2 suspects arrested

PACOIMA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A pursuit made its way through Pacoima and the suspect sideswiped two cars then crashed into a fence and flipped onto its side Thursday night.

Firefighters helped the two suspects out of the mangled sedan on Laurel Canyon Boulevard. The suspects were taken to a hospital and will eventually be taken into police custody.

"I saw the car coming in and I ran back. I got scared," resident Erick Reyes said.

Maria Macias was driving one of the two vehicles struck during the end of the chase. She was taking her son home from the hospital. They're lucky they did not have to go back.

Maria hit her head and suffered a seatbelt burn on her neck from the force of the crash. Her son was on his phone and it wound up in the back seat.

"I heard the airbag and then I got scared. I panicked. I thought the car was going to blow up or something. So I opened the door - fast, like in seconds - I was like, come on, mom, we've got to get out of here," Isaac Macias said.

The chase started when Los Angeles police in the Foothill gang division saw a vehicle that might have been stolen. The female driver then began driving recklessly and officers said they recognized the male passenger as a local gang member, authorities said.

The two suspects face a slew of charges. The driver is suspected of being under the influence.
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