Melt away joint pain with technique to roll out stress in fascia tissue

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) -- Creator of the MELT Method, Sue Hitzmann is having her students assess their masses and spaces for signs of stuck stress.

The idea is to bring awareness to areas of the body that are tight or maybe hurting. Then, pick a sequence known as a MELT Map to re-hydrate connective tissue and say "ahhh."

"Most of our exercise routines are really about building muscle, toning our body, but I don't think people realize what's holding everything together is fascia. Around your joints, it's not muscle it's fascia. So you can really exercise your muscles to death and not really support your joint position.

I like to say I've never heard of people getting a hamstring replacement but I've certainly heard of people getting hip and knee replacement," said Hitzmann.

Since 2004, Hitzmann had been focusing on fascia and now education and awareness is finally gaining traction. Reaching people like Jennifer Swank who had a mountain bike accident, who can now alleviate herniated discs and osteoarthritis pain.

"I had chronic pain in my back and my neck, and it has made amazing avenues to being pain-free," Swank said.

When you MELT you use things like the small balls even a soft foam roller, but Hitzmann says you actually have to work with your central nervous system to make it all flow together.

"The nervous system is actually what allows us to move efficiently and sensory motor control," Hitzmann said.

"We think the brain is such a command center, but the sensory nervous system is sending information to the brain. The nervous system has lost its accuracy, somebody says, 'Hey bring your arm up over your head' and they are shrugging to do it. If you don't catch it, it's just a matter of time that the joints are going to lose their centralization and that's going to cause you pain."

She uses the mantra: Prepare, perform, restore, and then repeat. Using her book, app videos, or local MELT instructors to familiarize you with key areas so you won't end up spending lots of time MELTING to be pain free.
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