Parents die in crash on way to see son injured in separate crash

CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. -- In one tragedy on top of another, a Missouri teen was seriously injured in a head-on car crash, then his parents died in another head-on crash -- while on the way to see him in the hospital.

Chris Hahn, 19, was in a head-on collision Friday morning on Highway 54 in Camden County, KRCG reports. He was seriously injured and was taken to University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia.

When they got word of their son's accident, Chris' parents, Daniel Hahn and Lori Hendrickson, were on the way to the hospital. They were involved in a separate head-on crash on Highway 5 north of Lebanon.

Daniel Hahn, Hendrickson and a couple in the other car, Arthur and Crystal Hayes from Eldrige, Missouri, all died in the accident.

Chris Hahn works as a cashier at the Camdenton Wal-Mart.

"We all pretty much feel the same concern for him and hoping that he will get better soon," said Alexa Daniel, the victim's co-worker.

Daniel said she doesn't know Chris very well, but said it's still hard for her and her co-workers to comprehend what happened to him.

"The accident alone with Chris was very unexpected and tragic to begin with, and then to add on his parents as well is kind of like a double-whammy," Daniel said.

Knowing he has medical expenses ahead of him, as well as funerals, Daniel wanted to help in some way, so she started a GoFundMe account.

"Rather than sit around and wonder if something is going to be done about it, I figured I would do it myself, that way I know something is going to be done because a little bit helps, every little bit helps," she said. "He's 19 years old, has a whole life ahead of him, and I just hope to bring his life back to the way it was as much as I can."

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