Sex assault suspect held women in hotel rooms across country, authorities say

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- A man currently in custody for a sex assault cases in Pennsylvania could be involved in similar incidents across the country.

Seth Mull, 30, of Hellertown, is the subject of multiple ongoing investigations in Philadelphia, Chicago, multiple cities in California and Hawaii.

He was first charged last month by Bethlehem police after they were called by the parents of a young woman who allegedly claimed she was being held against her will in a hotel room.

Police went to that hotel room and found the victim, who allegedly told them she was being forced to consume drugs.

"The female had visible injuries to her neck area and a burn mark from a torch on her back. She reported that Mull choked her to the point of passing out and raped her," District Attorney John Morganelli said. "Mull also threatened her family and her friends, and threatened to use her in human trafficking."

Mull, who apparently prides himself on his physique, has multiple Facebook accounts. Authorities say he uses online connections to reach out to women, but once he meets them, investigators say, Mull then turns vicious and controlling.

"He refers to his victims as his property and forces them to engage in sex orgies and other acts which he films and or forces his victims into prostitution," Morganelli said.

In Philadelphia, police say Mull invited a 25-year-old woman to this year's Made in America concert and kept her captive in a room at the Marriott on Market Street for four days while attacking her.

Authorities in Northampton County say additional women have come forward, but believe there are still others who are so traumatized they need professional counseling

"If we have young females out there who have experience, who know this individual but not come forward, we can help them," Morganelli said.
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