Rescue dogs escort bridal party down the aisle at Pennsylvania wedding

SHARON, Pennsylvania -- A Pennsylvania woman getting ready to walk down the aisle made sure her wedding wasn't all about her.

And it was all by design, because of her love of animals.

"I'm excited," Heather Pavlich said before the nuptials. "I'm just so excited to be here."

But when it came to the ceremony, Pavlich reached out to a local dog rescue center for help.

"The bride had contacted us, asking if we had some adoptable pets that her and her girls could walk down the aisle for her wedding," said Heather Huff, with Legacy Dog Rescue of Ohio.

Her bridesmaids were each accompanied by a four-legged adoptable escort as they walked down the aisle, and at the reception, each table had a basket for donations.

Pavlich said she wanted to bring greater attention to pet adoption.

"I just knew if I ever got married, I wanted them to be here and spread the word that there's no need for flowers," she said.

Maid of Honor Olive Radeker said she was a little surprised at first, but then the idea grew on her.

'At first I thought she was a little crazy," she said. "But I know Heather quite well, and it means a lot to Heather to adopt dogs."

Five dogs in total strutted down the isle, all available for adoption, and the pooches were described as wonderful guests.

"They've been doing surprisingly well and haven't tried to beg for anyone's food," Huff said. "Yet."

Even the reverend who married the couple was happy to see the special guests.

"There are dogs here that need homes I'm told, and I'm encouraging you to take a couple of dogs with you," Rev. Robert Hawk said.

The hope is the idea can spread beyond just their wedding.

"You know, I've seen a little bit on it on social media but I've never had anybody locally take advantage of it," Huff said. "I think it's an awesome idea."
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