1 dog killed, another injured in snake attack at Laurel Canyon dog park

LAUREL CANYON, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Rattlesnake season is just beginning and dog owners in Laurel Canyon are already on the lookout after two dogs suffered snake bites, one of which was deadly.

"It was horrifying, we were here when it happened actually," Gina Castagnozzi said.

Castagnozzi witnessed the horror of a dog at the Laurel Canyon Dog Park yelp in pain then collapse after being bitten Monday afternoon by rattlesnakes.

"Just this like horrible yelp. He was in pain. He stopped dead in his tracks and he just collapsed on his side," Castagnozzi said.

Knowing a bite from rattlesnakes injects deadly venom traveling through the body in minutes, she said there was a scramble to get the dog immediate help. Despite swift medical care, the dog died.

"The person who was with him ran right over, picked him up, there was blood coming from the top of his head 'cause it was right here on the top of his head," Castagnozzi said.

Lili the dog is fighting for her life after a rattlesnake also bit her at the park Monday afternoon. Lili's walker Brenda jumped into action the second it happened, getting the pet to the hospital quickly.

"She didn't deserve this, but it happened, but it's OK. I have to realize she's alright and she's still here," she said. "I feel for my other friend that lost his dog."

The city has fenced off an area near the dog park and installed multiple rattlesnake caution signs.
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