3 lion cubs born at Wildlife Waystation even after lion gets vasectomy

SYLMAR, Calif. (KABC) -- Three lion cubs are the newest and cutest members of the Wildlife Waystation, and their birth was quite a surprise.

"Sometimes vasectomies do fail," said Martine Colette, founder of the Wildlife Waystation. "In the case of human beings, when a vasectomy fails you may have just one child. In the case of lions, you have multiple births so we have one boy and two girls."

The good news comes as the Wildlife Waystation is trying to recover from the devastating Creek Fire that erupted in December. Animals had to be moved in a hurry, and Colette thought the place would be destroyed. She said firefighters saved the facility.

The waystation, however, still has no phone and internet service so people who might want to donate can't get through. As they rebuild, they have a contest to name the cubs.

You can submit your choice of names with a $10 donation for each submission that will go to take care of the cubs.

"The winner will be a guest here, of course, come to a luncheon and see the cubs," Colette said.

Colette added she is thankful because she is back here doing what she loves: protecting the beautiful animals.

"We're all right. We're grateful. The animals were not hurt and we'll move on forward," she said.

If you want to join in on the contest, you may go to wildlifewaystation.org/events/Baby_Lions_Naming_Contest. The cubs names will be announced on April 30.
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