Dog found fatally beaten, hanging from tree in Sacramento

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A puppy was found fatally beaten and hanging from a tree in Sacramento, and area residents are searching for answers. (KTRK)

Warning: This story contains content that some may find disturbing.
Neighbors are furious and searching for answers after a dog was found hanging from a tree in Sacramento,California.

A black terrier mix suffered three skull fractures, two fractured hips, two fractured knees, two fractured long leg bones and internal injuries neighbors said.

His lifeless body was found hanging from a tree near the Sacramento River.

"We have a monster in our midst," neighbor Jace Huggins said.

Neighbors and businesses joined with animal groups are trying to collect $16,000 in reward money for anyone with information about the puppy's killer.

"I'm really scared. Is there a child in the home with the person who did this? Is there a partner whose too scared to come forward," Huggins said.

The community held a meeting asking for neighbors to search their memories before Jan. 19 when the puppy was found.

"A lot of people may think it's going a bit overboard paying this much attention to catching an animal abuser, but recent events in Florida only highlights the urgency in catching the puppy killer," Lonnie Wong said.

Police and animal control officers are working to find the puppy killer as well.
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