Yucaipa dog trainer helping animals displaced by Harvey

YUCAIPA, Calif. (KABC) -- A Yucaipa dog trainer is doing his part to help the animals who are affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"It's hard with the animals because right now we have all the animals that are in the shelter, and then all the animals that are now lost," said Christopher Ashton. "So we took out a lot of crates and a lot of easy-ups, where they're going to be temporary housing which they're really, really needing and food, some water, lots of different stuff like that."

Ashton and several other volunteers have loaded two horse trailers full of animal supplies, and they took off on Friday for the Houston area. His goal is to provide support and comfort to the animals and people living in emergency shelters.

"I'm a dog trainer and an animal behaviorist on top of helping the shelter, so that's going to definitely help us with being able to read the animals," Ashton said. "They're going to be in a lot of stress. Some of them are in their flight mode where they just want to hide and don't come out. So there will definitely be a technique that we use to keep them safe and keep them happy."

Ashton says on the return trip home, they plan to bring back 50 stranded dogs to the shelter in Redlands.
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