Couple takes adorable 'newborn' photos with their dog

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Monday, August 24, 2015
A couple did an adorable "newborn" photoshoot with their dog Humphrey.
ElishaMinnette Photography

For many couples, a new baby is the perfect occasion for a family photo shoot. One couple's adorable "newborn" photo shoot, though, features a different kind of baby: their recently adopted puppy.

PHOTOS: Couple takes adorable "newborn" photos with their dog

Photographer Elisha Minette had joined her friends Matt Kay and Abby Lee of Australia on a drive to pick up the couple's new adopted dog Humphrey from a breeder. On the way back, they came up with the idea to do a puppy photo shoot.

"Abby and I both work in the creative industry and have the craziest sense of humor always coming up with funny and random ideas to have a laugh," Elisha told ABC via Facebook message.

The resulting photo series is adorable and hilarious, with Matt and Abby cradling and pushing their dog in a stroller, reminiscent of so many newborn baby photo shoots. Minette posted the photos to her Facebook page, where they were shared more than 25,000 times.

"It was a short but hilarious shoot only taking about an hour to complete. Humphrey was a delight to shoot, he loved all the attention and the treats of course!" Elisha told ABC.

You can see more of Minette's photography on her Instagram page.