Goat found hanging from cable by horns, gets rescued

A goat was found hanging from a cable by its horns in Greece. (Giannis Goulas/Facebook)

One mountain goat in Greece would have been left hanging if it weren't for some resourceful rescuers.

When the animal was discovered dangling from electrical cables by its horns near a hill, a group of local men stepped up to free it. They climbed on a vehicle and used a combination of ladders and ropes to push the goat farther up the hill alone the wire. The rescue took about five minutes, the raw video shows. Once it's freed, the goat can be seen trotting away down the hill.

The rescue happened in the rural area near Sykourio, Greece, according to Alkviadis Fakiris, who posted the video in late March. It's unclear how the goat wound up in its precarious position.
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