Connecticut man calls 911 during standoff with angry cat

STAMFORD, CT -- A man in Connecticut called 911 to report that an "aggressive" cat had been keeping him out of his home for hours.

WFSB-TV obtained a copy of the 911 call, made around 1:30 am Thursday.

You can listen to the full 911 call in the video player above.

"I have a problem in my home. I cannot go in my home," the man told the dispatcher.

The man explained to the dispatcher that the 7.5 lb animal was inside the house. The man said it had scratched and bit his leg. He said he and his wife were stuck outside and had been there for "three to four hours."

The homeowner said the cat may have been aggressive because it had a baby the night before. He said the cat had attacked them repeatedly, and they eventually fled the home.

"I came to the door and it was screaming a noise and it was coming at me in attack mode," the caller said.

The dispatcher finally advised the man to go back inside and go to bed. He told the man to stay away from the pet for the rest of the night.

Police did not file any charges against the caller.

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