Meet 'Ziggy Trixx,' the skateboarding dog

(Ziggy Trixx/YouTube)

Ziggy, aka "Ziggy Trixx," is a Staffordshire bull terrier. He's also a skateboarder.

That's not all Ziggy can do. He does long jumps, plays dead and even break dances. His owner, Adem Basharan of the United Kingdom, has been posting videos of Ziggy's tricks since he was an 8-month-old puppy almost two years ago.

Basharan said he hopes the videos help change the perception of Ziggy's breed.

"Some people think that Staffies are dangerous," reads the dog's fan page on Facebook. "ZIGGY TRIXX is a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier with amazing talent and is living proof that this [is] theory wrong!"
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