Monkeys impounded after 1 bites woman outside Beaumont pizzeria

BEAUMONT, Calif. (KABC) -- A capuchin monkey bit a woman outside a restaurant in Beaumont Tuesday afternoon. Three monkeys were subsequently confiscated by authorities.

A 38-year-old Cherry Valley woman was bitten at about 3:30 p.m. outside of Antonious Pizza on Beaumont Avenue. She suffered a laceration on her forearm and was treated at a local hospital, according to the Riverside County Animal Services Department.

The monkey's owner had two other monkeys with her, according to the department: a tamarin and another capuchin.

The offending monkey was surrendered to authorities by its owner for a mandatory six-month quarantine to make sure the monkey is not carrying the rabies virus. The monkey's name was believed to be "Baby G." Its gender was not immediately known.

The other two monkeys were impounded because the owner, Wendelin Ringel, did not have a special permit to own the exotic pets.

The Riverside County Animal Services and the state Department of Fish and Wildlife were investigating the incident.

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