Terminally ill St. Bernard plays in the snow for the last time

A St. Bernard got one final chance to play in the snow before heading to doggy heaven.

Two months ago, Sophia the St. Bernard was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, and vets feared it would only be a matter of weeks until the disease took the 6-year-old dog's life. To make Sophia's last day truly memorable, her family took the St. Bernard to an indoor snow park to play and enjoy the snow for one last time.

"We would have sold the car, we would have done anything to pay for treatment," Sophia's owner Alyson Page said in a blog post for Chill Factore, the indoor winter attraction company that gave Sophia the chance for her final snowy romp. "But the vet advised to just make her as comfortable as possible in her last two months."

Sophia looked as care-free as a puppy as she rubbed her face in the snow and explored the park with her half-brother Yogi.

"It's made me happy knowing she's had stuff to live for day-to-day," Page said in a video posted to YouTube.

All of the staff at Chill Factore in Manchester, United Kingdom came to greet Sophia on her last day. "We are huge animal lovers at Chill Factore, so we were pleased that we could do something to help on this occasion," said Morwenna Angove, the CEO of Chill Factore.