80-year-old bakery helps customers celebrate during the pandemic

After over 80 years in business, not even the coronavirus pandemic could stop Phoenix Bakery from serving up its famous sweets.

"We are famous for our strawberry cream cakes, our almond cookies and our sugar butterfly," said Phoenix Bakery CEO Kathy Chan Ceppi.

"Sweets for the sweet." That's the longstanding motto at Phoenix Bakery in Los Angeles' Chinatown neighborhood.

"It was started by my mother and my father in 1938," said Ceppi.

A love for sweet treats runs in the family and for their customers too.

"We have a very loyal group of customers that are almost into their third generation here," said Ceppi.

But when the coronavirus started to become a threat, the Ceppis noticed a change in their community.

"We noticed during the Chinatown parade, there were not that many people along the entire route. And then in March, of course, we started getting all the cancellations for wedding cakes and big parties, and that's impacted our business quite a bit," said Ceppi.

The Ceppis said they've taken several steps to adjust to health guidelines, but note that not even a pandemic can stop people from celebrating.

"My parents started this in the 1930s because they knew that even in hard times people celebrated important events like birthdays, anniversaries, you know, and it holds true today," said Ceppi.

Phoenix Bakery
969 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012