Furloughed Highland Park man turns passion into new full-time job

Louis Easton dubbed himself 'The Plant Mon' and turned to his passion into a job after he was furloughed because of the pandemic.
HIGHLAND PARK, LOS ANGELES -- Louis Easton, a Highland Park resident, dubbed himself 'The Plant Mon.' In 2016, Easton started a plant delivery service in Los Angeles called Easton Garden Designs, but his passion for plants started when he was a little kid.

"Long as I can remember, being like knee high to a grasshopper, my father would take me with him on his job sites which happened to be in the horticulture nursery industry, but on a big corporate level," said Easton.

Easton's plant business took off in 2020 after he was furloughed from his office job because of the pandemic.

"So I had to backpedal and see what else could I do with my time and make use of my time," said Easton. "So I turned to the plants."

He started creating his own content on social media, offered plant care tutorials and other tips which helped him start growing a following. Easton said success flows both ways between him and the customers.

"They feel empowered and you see themselves lighten up. Because I wanted to make sure that they're educated. And I want to make sure that they're going to provide a space for this plant," said Easton.

Easton's next goal is to create a program to teach students about plants.

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