Police chase car through Simi Valley, suspects bail in Palms area

PALMS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Police chased two suspects in a Kia at speeds approaching 100 mph from Simi Valley, until they bailed on foot in the Palms area Thursday evening.

One suspect was taken into custody shortly after the two men exited the Kia. Officers began establishing a perimeter in the neighborhood to search for the second suspect.

The car was seen driving at high speeds on the 118 Freeway, at times swerving in and out of traffic as officers followed from a distance.

It switched over to the 405 Freeway southbound, then moved on to the 10 for a few minutes. It appeared to lose a piece of tire and then run into traffic shortly before it pulled over in the right lane of the freeway and two men exited into the brush.
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