Police officer deaths up 12 percent in 2018, California among states with highest number

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A new report released Thursday shows a 12 percent increase in law enforcement officer deaths in 2018, and California is among the states with the highest number of fatalities.

Preliminary numbers show that 144 officers died in the line of duty this year -- compared to 129 officers last year. That figure represents roughly a 12 percent increase.

California, Texas, Florida and New York had the highest number of officer fatalities -- with 11 each.

The majority of the officers who died were shot or fatally injured in car crashes. Other deaths involved heart attacks, drownings and cancer and other illnesses developed by responders to the World Trade Center attack.

Eight of the officers were killed during investigative activity and six were killed while responding to calls of a domestic disturbance, according to the report. Two were killed while serving warrants, two died while handling or transporting prisoners and two others were inadvertently shot by other officers.

Of the 2018 fallen officers, 134 were men and 10 were women -- with an average age of 41.

The study was conducted by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.
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