Jewish activists led protest outside L.A. company claiming it's profiting off detentions made by ICE

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Several people were arrested at a Los Angeles company that operates private prisons.

More than 100 Jewish activists led the protest outside the GEO Group in an effort to shut down their offices and close down detention facilities. Protesters claim the company is profiting off detentions made by Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Members of the group "Never Again Action" say they're concerned about the treatment of undocumented migrants.

"The conditions inside their facilities are inhumane. Asylum seekers are not receiving medical treatment that they need. They're not able to be in contact with their lawyers, with their loved ones, so we're here to stand up against their contracts with ICE," said Sam a Never Again Action member.

Police arrested some protesters who went inside the building.

The GEO group is accusing the protesters of spreading what it is calling gross misinformation and false rhetoric. The GEO group said it is concerned with the humanitarian crisis at the border.
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