Temple City elementary schoolers describe what they would if elected president

TEMPLE CITY, Calif. (KABC) -- As one of the most acrimonious election seasons in recent memory drew to a close on Tuesday, kindergarteners and first-grade students at Longden Elementary School in Temple City offered some hope for the future by describing what they would do if someday elected president.

Natalia is already practicing for the job of commander in chief.

"I have a little desk and a little chair that I can pretend to be president," she said.

Leonardo said he would advocate that Americans eat less meat and poultry, while encouraging them to "get more muscle."

"I would tell everybody to start eating a little bit more vegetables," he said, "because I don't really want all the animals to die."

Zechariah vowed to "protect the world," adding that he "would keep people safe, and I would give people vegetables and fruits."

Isabella would change sports eligibility so that "only dogs were allowed to play, so my dog could play soccer."

"I want a pet unicorn," Lauren declared.

"I would protect the country, protect other countries," Ellie said, "take care of myself and be helpful, help other people and help my friends."

Sawyer's policy would be to "help people be kind," while Adam would "protect, stop people from fighting, not let anyone do wars."
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