Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom set to take office Monday

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KABC) -- Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom, who takes office on Monday as California's 40th governor, kicked off inaugural festivities in Sacramento on Sunday as he outlined his priorities to the public and media.

With his wife and four children, Newsom attended a party at the California State Railroad Museum, a place which highlights both the state's transportation past and a future that could be impacted by Newsom's decisions.

The museum hosts a display on the proposed multibillion dollar high-speed rail which has been supported by outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown.

Newsom said he's going to take a new look at the project and he wants the work to be transparent and accountable to the public.

"People want to see change, they want to see things happen overnight," Newsom said. "People are tracking promises in ways we haven't seen in the past, which is healthy and good. They're going to hold me to account."

Newsom also said he plans to be cautious about state spending and learned lessons from Brown about being ready for possible tough days that could be ahead.

Brown spoke to Eyewitness News recently and urged fiscal prudence by his successor because, he said, you never know when a recession may hit.

"When you're at the end of the recovery, when the business cycle is about to turn down into a recession, you don't know that, they never predict recessions," Brown said. "You have lots and lots of revenue coming in, but it's about to go away. I like to say, when you feel the best, that's the time to be careful."
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