Los Angeles city attorney sues DOJ over money withheld due to immigrant reporting

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Department of Justice, claiming that the Trump administration is unconstitutionally imposing its will on cities that don't comply with new immigrant reporting requirements.

"We're going to fight because the administration would put L.A. to the untenable choice of risking a key public safety grant or making LAPD an arm of federal civil immigration policy," said Feuer.

The Justice Department's new requirements would prevent jurisdictions from receiving certain grant funds unless they give 48-hours' notice before they release an undocumented immigrant wanted by federal authorities.

Feuer said the conditions are unconstitutional.

"The Department of Justice has no authority to impose these conditions at all," said Feuer. "This is a congressionally enacted program, and only Congress can attach conditions to a funding program that is established."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has defended the policies, saying that they're necessary to help fight illegal immigration.

But Feuer argues that they would violate the constitutional rights of inmates and says they're far over-reaching.

"This case is about the limits on the power of the Trump administration and limits on the executive branch to impose its will," said Feuer.

The LAPD has a policy that prohibits officers from initiating contact with someone solely to find out if they're in the country illegally, and despite aggressive crackdowns on illegal immigration by President Donald Trump, the LAPD has no plan to change its policies.
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