OC protesters seek health care town hall with Rep. Mimi Walters

IRVINE, Calif. (KABC) -- Even as the GOP leadership was pulling the vote on health care reform in Washington, protesters gathered outside the Irvine office of Rep. Mimi Walters, demanding she hold a town hall meeting on the issue.

Those gathered outside the Republican congresswoman's office said she had not wanted to listen to her constituents' concerns on the issue.

"I would like to have a town hall meeting with her," said protester Liz Rickett, a Mission Viejo resident. "I would like to listen to her, but have her listen to us. Because we are the people she's supposed to be representing. She has chosen to rubber-stamp everything that Trump wants and has never wanted to listen to us."

A few supporters of Walters and President Donald Trump were in the crowd, but they were mostly drowned out by protesters, who said they would continue to show up until she schedules a meeting with them.

Walters didn't meet with the protesters, but she did tweet out a picture of herself on the phone, saying she was answering calls from constituents to explain the Republican health care bill.

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