Protest forms in DTLA over Trump admin's family separation immigration policy

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When stories began to emerge about children being separated from their families, including families who came to the U.S. legally seeking asylum, it struck a chord with dozens of people.

Some of those people came out to downtown Los Angeles Friday night to have their voices heard and sent a message to President Donald Trump.

More than 100 demonstrators converged on the U.S. Immigration Services federal building, protesting the administration's policy.

"I cannot imagine at the age of 6, or 10, or 12, or any age, the separation from my dad and my mom," actress and producer Olga Segura said.

Actress Natalia Cordova Buckley, of ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," who is a native of Mexico, was in attendance.

"The people here, standing here, are farmworkers. They're domestic workers. We're actresses, we've got it easy. We're just here because we want to lend our voice to these people. It's really ridiculous to hear the leader of the most powerful country in the world say something with such little infrastructure, with such little knowledge and more than anything with such a lack of humanity. That's terrifying to me," she said.

At one point during the demonstration, a fight broke out that was instigated by a revolutionary Communist group. It caused the rally to break up earlier than planned.

Los Angeles police wound up sending two officers by the area. No arrests were made and it did not appear anyone was injured.

The rally was one of nearly 30 done across the country, including eight others in California.
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