Rep. Steve Knight, Bryan Caforio debate for House seat in Palmdale

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U.S. Rep. Steve Knight and Bryan Caforio discuss various local issues during a debate in Palmdale. (KABC)

It was a packed house for the debate between Bryan Caforio and Rep. Steve Knight.

Knight will soon complete his first two-year term in office as a Republican representative for California's 25th Congressional District.

He is challenged by Caforio, who is from West Los Angeles and moved into the district last year before the primary.

The debate touched upon various local issues.

"We will fight to make sure that we continue to provide the resources here in the Antelope valley, so that the manufacturing is done here, so that the aerospace research is done here," said Caforio when discussing jobs.

Relating to California's drought, Knight said water has to be at the top of the list.

"Water has got to be one of the top priorities in the western states and in the country. There is no doubt about it. This is our sixth year of a major drought," he said.

In this election year, the seat remains a major interest in Washington as Democrats try to retake the House of Representatives.

Last Saturday, Knight withdrew his support for Donald Trump after Trump's statements about women.

"There's been a lot of things that have been said in this campaign that I don't believe, that I don't condone. And I think that they are not something that I would hope a presidential candidate would say," Knight said. "I don't think that either of these candidates are going on a path that we could all stand up and root and say, 'Boy, this is the greatest America's got.'"

Caforio attacked Trump and defended Hillary Clinton.

"So would I have liked something different to happen with those emails? Absolutely, and so would she," Caforio said. "But when Donald Trump is on the other side and we have the possibility of him putting his fingers on the nuclear codes, that absolutely terrifies me and other republican defense experts. There's no way we can let that happen."
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