Pro, anti-Trump demonstrations shut down Hollywood Boulevard

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups held demonstrations in Hollywood Saturday, with the events remaining mostly peaceful while visitors and police watched.

Both sides were very vocal and police kept the two sides separated. Hollywood Boulevard was also shut down for the demonstrations.

President Donald Trump supporters showed up first at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, gathering at his star. It was about 100 people rallying in support of him.

But anti-Trump supporters also showed up for what they said is a non-violent protest over frustrations around the controversies surrounding the president.

"We're not anti-immigrant. We're not anti-anything. We're pro law and order and honoring our constitution," supporter Randi Berger said.

An older Trump dissenter said she was fed up with the administration.

"We are here today because we are fed up with the Donald Trump regime. They are illegitimate. They are fascist," Isabella Cardenas said.

There were about 350 people at the demonstrations combined.

Many visitors got unique photos with the protests in the background and characters in the area. They were also caught off guard by the sudden closure of the boulevard.

Authorities said a Trump supporter was arrested on suspicion of hitting an anti-Trump protester.
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