Porch pirates steal child's life-saving medicine

Sunday, December 24, 2017
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Porch pirates steal child's life saving medicine

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- A porch pirate stole a package off a Utah family's porch thinking it contained holiday gifts, but it was much more important than that.

The package contained a three-month supply of a 4-year-old's life-saving and very expensive medication.

KSTU reports that Austin Taylor had a kidney transplant a little more than a year ago and has to take medication so his body won't reject the kidney.

Austin's father, Cody Taylor, got a notification this week that a new dose was delivered, but he never received it. Afer looking into it, Taylor realized the package was stolen.

Taylor was worried his insurance wouldn't cover the cost of replacing the medication that costs $5,000. "Luckily my SUV is paid off. I was prepared to take out a loan and buy the medication outright," Taylor said.

Thankfully, after days of working with the insurance company, the loss of the medication was covered.

While Taylor is frustrated with the package thief, he is overwhelmed with support from the community. "We have gotten so much love and so much support that I just couldn't believe it," said Taylor.

Taylor has a message for the person who stole the medication, "You don't know who you're hurting by your actions. It could range from ruining someone's Christmas to threatening someone's life, you just never know."