Port of LA to move goods faster with new digital system

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Friday, November 18, 2016
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The Port of Los Angeles took a hard hit with Hanjin Shipping's bankruptcy, but the facility is boosting its recovery with a new digital portal that will speed up operations.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- America's largest container port helps move furniture, auto parts, electronics and other goods to the nation's households and businesses. But the Port of Los Angeles took a hard hit this summer as shipping giant Hanjin declared bankruptcy, leaving many of its containers and ships stranded.

The port is now recovering with a record-setting October and is looking to keep its momentum going with the launch of a new first-of-its-kind digital portal designed to speed up information and operations.

Currently, officials say, the flow of data is relatively slow, with most ports typically receiving details about incoming vessels and cargo only about 48 hours ahead of their arrival.

With the new digital portal created in a partnership with GE Transportation, an array of maritime shipping data will be digitized so that information about incoming ships will be available up to two weeks ahead of time. That is designed to improve data flow between cargo owners, shipping lines and other stakeholders.

"With this solution they'll receive that data up to two weeks in advance, which is really going to unlock a lot of capacity for all the different partners that participate in the supply chain ecosystem," said Jamie Miller, senior vice president and CEO with GE Transportation.

That will help the port and the businesses that use it better plan for managing the flow of goods through the facility and out to the customers and businesses that depend on timely delivery.

Home Depot, for example, will better be able to let customers know if the out-of-stock products they are looking for will be arriving soon.

"Having this information will allow us to plan ahead to make sure that not only our stores but our distribution centers have the products that customers are looking for," said Home Depot spokesman Francisco Uribe.