Postmates worker caught on video stealing packages in Studio City

STUDIO CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A Postmates worker was caught on surveillance video stealing packages from a Studio City building after making a food delivery.

It started like your average delivery. Surveillance footage from a residential building in Studio City shows a man walking into a building with a box and waiting by the elevator. He disappears from view for a few minutes, but he comes back into frame. This time, he makes an unexpected pickup - he heads straight for some packages in the lobby and casually walks out with them.

LAPD Detective David Acee says the suspect was working for the food delivery company Postmates at the time of the theft in March. Acee says authorities are still searching for him.

"Postmates was contacted and warned that their contract employee was stealing from community members," Acee said.

Acee said Postmates did not identify the employee. So, he got a picture from the person who placed the food order. The suspect was identified as "Orlan D."

"There's other crimes that might be related, but we haven't made that identification yet," Acee said.

Police say customers using similar apps and business owners should be more careful.

"Local business that use contract delivery services and don't have their own delivery people, try and verify who it is that you're giving the package or the item to - their driver's license, their phone number, their license plate," Acee said.

Also, police say anyone can become a victim to a crime of opportunity.

"Try not to leave their package outside unattended for any long period of time," Acee recommended.

Postmates told Eyewitness News that it identified the person, suspended his account and reimbursed the victim, adding it responded to the LAPD while adhering to legal obligations around personally identifying information. The company also said its members are screened through professional, criminal and DMV background checks.
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