Pregnancy smoothies helping moms to be and those trying to conceive

Monday, September 5, 2016
Pregnancy smoothies helping soon to be moms and those trying to conceive
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Pregnancy smoothies are helping pregnant woman and those trying to conceive get the proper nutrition they need.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) -- Lori Bregman is a doula, or pregnancy coach, who is looking for the best nutrition for her clients

"I created a fertility smoothie for one of my clients. I put it on the internet and it went totally viral. You're creating a solid foundation for that baby to grow from," said Bregman.

Bregman took her idea to Lisa Odenweller, the owner of Live Beaming, who loved it.

"The fact that we have so many superfoods and we have so much information about how powerful food is, whether we're trying to get pregnant, we are pregnant, we're nursing it's all about nutrition," Odenweller said.

"Get preggy,""knocked up," and "more milk," were designed to fill a body with key nutrients often lacking in today's diet.

"Some people don't eat enough vegetables, some people don't have enough calcium in their diet, some people don't eat enough food or drink enough water," said Bregman.

Avocado, dates, almond butter, hemp seeds, colorful produce are just few of the ingredients that help to provide healthy fat, iron, calcium, fiber, and other things a mom needs.

Dietitian Ashley Koff applauds the liquid nutrition.

"I love liquid nutrition for my pregnant clients because you can throw in a whole lot of stuff in there. Then you actually get a lot of nutrients coming in," said Koff.

Experts said it's hard for our population to get all the nutrients they need in a day.

"You need additional B-12, additional folate, additional vitamin D," reminded Koff.

But do beware of unfamiliar extras. At this time in your life, Koff said it might not be beneficial to experiment with things you may not tolerate, so be sure to check the ingredient list as well.

The pregnancy smoothies are sold at Live Beaming for $13.

Along with Bregman's book "The Mindful Mom to Be," which has the smoothie recipes plus tips for a successful pregnancy.