Proposition 13: Poll says 51% of likely California primary voters support ballot measure to modernize schools

With Super Tuesday voting about two weeks away, an exclusive ABC7 Eyewitness News poll shows significant support for California's Proposition 13, which would modernize schools statewide.

The proposition has apparent baseline support among likely and actual primary voters, with 51% saying they will vote "yes" and 32% voting "no," according to the poll conducted by SurveyUSA.

However, passage of the proposition is by no means a lock, as opposition to ballot measures in general has historically increased as Election Day approaches.

In fact, among the small group of likely primary voters who told SurveyUSA that they had already returned a primary ballot -- theoretically the most committed voters -- Proposition 13 trails 54% to 45%.

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Among those who said they are 100% certain to vote but just haven't done so yet, Prop. 13 leads 50% to 30%.

Here is the question that was asked of 1,400 California adults, and their responses:

California primary voters are voting on Proposition 13, the School and College Facilities Bond, which authorizes $15 billion in bonds for repair, construction, and modernization at public preschools, K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities. On Proposition 13, how do you vote?

51% Yes
32% No
17% Not certain
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