Michigan family hosts hilarious themed dinner parties during quarantine

BROWNSTOWN, Mich. -- Starting to feel quarantine fatigue? Spice up family dinners with dress-up theme nights!

The Blaskiewicz family, from Brownstown, Michigan, decided to assign themes to each dinner for one week, thanks to inspiration from the video-sharing app TikTok.

Each night, they dressed up according to the assigned theme -- such as the beach or "Saturday Night Live" -- and posted videos and pictures to social media. Mom Stephanie Blaskiewicz said they made their costumes using items found around the house.

"[My husband] Jeff probably has three wigs total that we kept rotating and trying to style them different ways," she said.

What were among the family favorites? "Tiger King," said dad Jeff Blaskiewicz, who dress up as the Netflix docuseries' infamous zookeeper Joe Exotic.

His costume included a sign that read: "You know why we are still in quarantine? Carole [fake expletive] Baskin."

Stephanie took on the role of Joe Exotic's nemesis Carole Baskin and even rode a bike through their living room to impersonate the Big Cat Rescue owner.

Oldest daughter Gracie said "Napoleon Dynamite" was one of her favorite theme nights, and youngest Adelih preferred dressing up for "Grease."

The family also got creative with their last theme night, dressing up as Kiss. A corn starch-based face paint and black electrical tape helped them recreate the rock band's iconic makeup.

"[This was] a tribute to the rock stars in our community, which are the essential workers," Jeff said.

In the end, these theme nights did more than just entertain the family, Stephanie said.

"We were super surprised at the feedback we got ... It really is helping lighting the load for a lot of our nurse friends and a lot of people struggling," she said. "It made it a really fun week for us, too, a lot of laughs."
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