Jurors weighing fate of Rancho teen accused in gang murder

LOS ANGELES -- Jurors entered a fourth day of deliberations in the gang murder trial of a former Palos Verdes High School student

Prosecutors say Cameron Terrell lived a double life, and was the getaway driver in a deadly South Los Angeles shooting.

The defense says his intentions were solely to write about LA gang life, and he had no intention of abetting the shooting of three innocent men. One of the victims, 21-year-old Justin Holmes was killed. He had no gang ties.

Wednesday the jury asked for video of Terrell being questioned by investigators.

Terrell's lawyer says jurors will see Terrell saying he thought he was driving his 16 year old friends to rival gang territory so they could tag it, not engage in a murder.

Terrell was parked in alley when the shots were fired, then hastily collected his friends.

The prosecution points to Terrell's tattoo and his action's after the shooting - not calling 911, not notifying law enforcement.

Then on his phone days later he took video of cohorts destroying a memorial for the victim.

In texts and on social media Terrell posted statements and a rap composition - proclaiming in one "You know what it is right, the homie got shot, I just need to kill somebody."

Terrell is charged with three felony counts with enhancements for gun and gang allegations.

If convicted he could potentially get a sentence of life in prison.