Blueface facing criticism following video showing rapper tossing cash to people on Skid Row

SKID ROW, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles rapper Blueface took to the streets of Skid Row to make it rain and now he's weathering a storm of online controversy.

The rapper, whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter, posted a video on his Twitter page showing him standing on top of a car while flinging stacks of money into the air.

Homeless encampments can be seen in the background as passersby desperately scramble to grab as many bills from the ground and air as they can.

The stunt angered many people on social media who said it dehumanized and humiliated the many struggling and homeless people living in that area.

Others suggested while the rapper was well-intentioned, he could have helped the needy in more effective ways.

"He probably has received enough criticism to learn his lesson and go about it in a more orderly way," said the Rev. Andy Bales, CEO of downtown's Union Rescue Mission. "When we do something, like 1,300 steaks tonight for our guests, we make sure it's done in an orderly way."

Actress Angela Bassett was at the Union Rescue Mission helping Bales and the staff prepare their Christmas dinner for the needy. She too suggested the money could've been spent in a better way.

"He could've gone much further if he gave it to the organization and it could be funneled into food and clothing and teachers and resources. But appreciate his intention and his heart," Bassett said.

She reminded people that such help is also needed the other 364 days of the year.
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