Beverlywood neighbors furious over 'mansionization'

BEVERLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A war is brewing in the quaint and affluent Los Angeles suburb of Beverlywood. It's a feud between neighbors that could rival that of the Hatfields and McCoys.

Pam Roberts-Malay says she's furious that this "mcmansion" was built next door.

"We have worked our whole lives to live in this lovely neighborhood," Roberts-Malay said. "I don't appreciate the fact that now when I look out my window, I see a big gray wall."

So she is fighting back, posting large signs to make it very clear how she feels.

Roberts-Malay says the people who built the home violated regulations, and she was dismissed when she tried to get help from the department of building and safety and her HOA.

However, the realtor who just sold the five-bedroom, 5,300-square-foot home says the house is properly permitted with approval from the homeowners association.

"Houses here cannot get built without approval from not only the board but also from a design committee. Everything needs to be submitted," said Marc realtor Fiedler.

Still, neighbors don't like it.

"The west side of my house, I have no privacy. There's no space between us as you can see, there's no air flow," Roberts-Malay said. "The worst part about it is that I have no natural light in my house on this side whatsoever."

"These are regular-size homes like family homes and then you see these mcmansions. It doesn't look good in the neighborhood," said neighbor Zochilth Flores.

According to City Councilman Paul Koretz, Beverlywood isn't the only L.A. neighborhood fighting mansionization.

"The problem is people are taking tiny lots and building giant homes on them to the absolute corners of the lot, building very ugly, boxy structures that really impact their neighbors dramatic," Koretz said. "We're trying to write an ordinance as quickly as possible to get a handle on that."

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