Inglewood City Council approves 5 percent cap on rent increases

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- An ordinance to put a cap on rent increases in Inglewood now has the approval of the Inglewood City Council.

The council voted unanimously to support a 5% cap on rents following public comment on Tuesday.

Residents complained that their rents were rising because of the new NFL stadium and other construction projects in Inglewood.

"We think this will be a model for the rest of the state and throughout the country. While we do not believe it goes far enough, after three years of mobilizing, we've been able to get the city to move," said D'Artagnan Scorza of Uplift Inglewood Coalition.

Coalition members who attended the city council public debate on the issue also demanded financial help for those who cannot afford the rent increase.

"We also thinks there needs to be more for relocation assistance, and we need to expand just cause eviction protection," said Scorza.

Property owners complained that a rent cap would negatively affect them.

Mayor James Butts said the 5% rent cap ordinance would take effect in 40 days.
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