The Cheapest Apartment Rentals In Los Angeles, Right Now

Photos: Zumper

If you're apartment hunting, you know how hard it can be to find a quality option for a reasonable price. So what does the low-end rent on a rental in Los Angeles look like these days--and what might you get for the price?

We took a look at local listings for studios and 1-bedroom apartments in Los Angeles via rental site Zumper to find out what price-conscious apartment seekers can expect to find.

Read on for the cheapest listings available right now. (Note: prices and availability are subject to change.)

207 S Berendo St., #211

Here's a studio apartment at 207 S Berendo St. in Koreatown, which, at 366 square feet, is going for $1,025 / month.

The sunny unit has a mix of carpeting and hardwood flooring.

(See the full listing here.)

210 W 43rd Pl., #203

Then there's this 450-square-foot apartment at 210 W 43rd Pl. in Historic South-Central, listed at $1,025 / month.

The unit has tile flooring and ample natural lighting. Pets aren't permitted.

(See the listing here.)

426 S Rampart Blvd.

Listed at $1,095 / month, this 450-square-foot studio apartment is located at 426 S Rampart Blvd. in Westlake.

In the sunny unit, the listing promises hardwood floors. The building offers on-site laundry. Both cats and dogs are welcome.

(Here's the listing.)

146 Douglas St.

Over at 146 Douglas St. in Echo Park, there's this studio apartment, going for $1,150 / month.

In the unit, you're promised central heating, hardwood flooring and granite counter tops. Good news for animal lovers: both dogs and cats are welcome here. The building offers on-site laundry.

(View the listing here.)

4549 Cahuenga Blvd., #3

Listed at $1,150 / month, this 350-square-foot studio apartment is located at 4549 Cahuenga Blvd. in Toluca Lake.

In the unit, expect to find air conditioning, a patio and good natural lighting. Sadly for pet owners, animals are not allowed.

(Check out the complete listing here.)

807 S Westlake Ave.

And finally, there's this 450-square-foot studio residence at 807 S Westlake Ave. in Westlake. It's being listed for $1,150 / month.

In the unit, expect to find hardwood flooring, ample storage space and good natural lighting. Pet owners, take heed: cats and dogs are welcome. The building offers on-site laundry.

(Here's the full listing.)

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