Rep. Adam Schiff shares reaction to latest developments on impeachment proceedings

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Rep. Adam Schiff spoke with Eyewitness News about anti-impeachment protesters disrupting an Armenian Genocide event and shared his reaction to the latest developments in the impeachment proceedings.

Schiff was speaking at a town hall Saturday celebrating the passage of a bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide when anti-impeachment protesters disrupted the event.

Schiff said it "is a shame and disrespectful to the community and the memory of those who were lost. People have a right to picket me...but they shouldn't show disrespect at a community event like that that wasn't about me."

Schiff also shared his feelings about the impeachment process, saying "If we allow this kind of conduct to persist in the Oval Office, it means every president that follows this one will feel free to abuse their power and be as corrupt as they choose."
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