'Rescue Dogs' film to benefit animal shelters

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- If they could, shelter dogs would give one new movie "two paws up."

That's because the movie "Rescue Dogs" is hoping to do something special for man's best friend. "Rescue Dogs" is a family film that actually features real rescue animals.

One of its goals is to help find homes for animals currently in shelters.

Jordan Rawlins, who's also one of the stars of "Rescue Dogs," said he wrote the screenplay with his rescue dog at his feet.

"We wanted to make a movie that wasn't just fun for the family and entertaining to watch," Rawlins said. "We wanted to do something that actually gave back to the community and a charity and a cause we loved. And for us, that was rescue dogs."

Rawlins said the film has a different charity aligned with the 22 different cities "Rescue Dogs" is being release in.

In Los Angeles, the benefactor is the Echo Park-based rescue, "The Real Bark."

"We don't turn any helpless away. We help everyone and we do our best to find them the best homes," Mavis Takemoto with The Real Bark said. "It's always an endless supply."

The film's distributors are also making it possible for animal rescues all over the country to host screenings of "Rescue Dogs" so they can raise money and raise awareness about rescuing shelter animals.

As Rawlins said, "We don't just rescue the dogs. The dogs rescue us."

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"Rescue Dogs" opens in select theatres on Friday.
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