Ventura County residents return to pink fire retardant-covered homes saved during Easy Fire

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- About 30,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes after a vegetation fire erupted in Simi Valley, and once the flames were under control, many of those residents returned home to find their homes not burned, but pink.

That's thanks to some 700 firefighters who worked to spot the spread of the Easy Fire, which burned over 1,700 acres. That pink stuff was fire retardant, an all too recognizable substance to Southern California residents.

"It was just amazing watching the helicopters and planes going over the hill. We were watching all day. It was crazy to see the wind blowing them around, but they were still going and putting out the fires so we're super thankful," said Danica Wolf, who was evacuated because of the Easy Fire.

Other evacuees like Tracy Thomas had to contend with personal belongings and horses. Thomas kept her five horses at CB Ranch which was surrounded by fire. She safely evacuated her horses, but came back Thursday to feed the horses that couldn't get out.

"Horses weren't loading. Horses were running around. Some horses were let out of their corrals and they were running around like crazy, very confused. We're very thankful the firefighters jumped in. All my horse tack was saved," Thomas said.

Many who live in the fire zone began the process of removing the fire retardant when they got back home.

"We've been working on the pink all morning. Trying to get it off the front yard. The backyard. The house. I think it's going to be a multiple week process. Every time we think we have one thing cleaned, we turn around and there's another thing," said Tammy Herzog.

The red substance that was dropped on the neighborhoods also turned Halloween decorations pink, making them scarier or less scary depending on who you ask.
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