'Wait for Your Laugh' traces the life of singer and actress Rose Marie

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's not every day you get to interview someone who has been in show business for more than 50 years. Add about 40 more and you get the story of actress Rose Marie.

Most people know her from her work on a classic sitcom, but there's a lot more to tell. And now, it's all in a new documentary, "Wait for Your Laugh."

It all started when baby Rose Marie won a talent contest at just three years old. She became an instant stage star. Eventually, baby Rose Marie grew up to become Miss Rose Marie in her teenage years. Then just Rose Marie. She insisted on that with her first agent.

"Just Rose Marie," said the 94-year-old performer. "He said, 'It should be Rose Marie Guy.' I said, 'No no. I'm all grown up. Take the miss off. Take the baby off. It's now Rose Marie!' So I was the first one with one name. Remember that!"

"Wait for Your laugh" chronicles much of Rose Marie's life, including her big TV break on "The Dick Van Dyke" show. Plus, her unusual mob ties. Basically, the mafia just loved that little girl with the big voice.

"When I found out she knew Al Capone, when I found out she opened the, you know, the Flamingo in Las Vegas for Bugsy Siegel, when I found out all of these things, my head exploded," said director Jason Wise.

"And I went home to my wife and I said, Christina, I've got the greatest mob movie ever!"

But he also learned it would be a love story. In 1946, Rose Marie married celebrated trumpet player Bobby Guy. He died in 1964. Her late husband was a fan of her signature look: the colorful bows she always wore in her hair.

"When he passed away, I said, I gotta do something to remember him by," said Marie. "It means too much to me and I started wearing the black bow. So every time I wear the bow, I think of him. I think of him laughing at me. He thought I was very funny."

Rose Marie saved memories of her entire career; in rooms, on walls, in places all over her house. It became a treasure trove of material perfect for a documentary.

"We found priceless Americana, like, under her couch!" said Wise.

And now, all of Rose Marie's memories are a part of "Wait for Your Laugh," which can be seen in limited release Nov. 17.

"I'm very happy with the life I've had" said Marie. "It was wonderful. It was wonderful. The whole thing was wonderful."
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