Giant snowballs mysteriously appear on Russian beaches

Snowballs have appeared on Russian beaches, but they're not from people prepping for an enormous snowball fight.

These naturally occurring snowballs are created when small pieces of ice form, then are rolled by wind and water into balls of snow. In the video from AccuWeather, it appears there are thousands of snowballs scattered 11 miles across the beach, ranging in size from just a few inches to 3-feet in diameter.

These snowballs have formed before, such as in Michigan the past two winters, but it is a rare occurrence. However, it is a first for many people in Russia, who have never seen such an event before.

They won't make for a great snowball fight, however, since they are made of ice and wouldn't feel very good. Since they're on the beach, the snowballs are also filled with sand and slush, even more of a reason to look and not touch.
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